TORONTO, ON - Xerox Canada, in tandem with Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) today offered a look inside "non-contact flash fusing" -- a major technology breakthrough in high-speed colour printing. The innovation enables color xerographic continuous feed printers to achieve speeds of nearly 500 colour pages per minute.

By flashing a high-intensity Xenon light more than 2,000 times per second, Xerox printers fuse the colour toner to a wide variety of paper and substrates without ever having to make contact with the paper. As a result, the new fusing technology enables colour continuous feed printing at speeds that rival black-and-white continuous feed printing while offering excellent registration and reliability.

Until now several factors have limited the speed of colour printing. Conventional toner-based printers heat the entire paper and pressure-roll the toner in order to fix the image onto the paper. This has limited print speeds to only 110 pages per minute and restricted printing on surfaces that have adhesives.

Xerox's new flash fusing method depends on newly developed colour toners, which melt and fuse the image solely through the energy from the Xenon lamps. The process enables Xerox printers to print up to 650 images per minute in monochrome and 493 images per minute in full colour. In addition, plastic identification cards and peel-off labels on statements, price tags and stickers as well as RFID transponder inlays can now be printed at extremely high speeds

"This fusing technology is great example of how Xerox innovation drives the development of colour products with functionality never before seen in the marketplace," said Scott Wagner, Xerox's manager of Worldwide Marketing, Continuous Feed. "This breakthrough technology has enabled us to offer the industry's fastest toner-based continuous feed xerographic colour printer available, and it can run the widest choice of papers."

How it works
Flash fusing uses an array of Xenon flash lamps similar to the Xenon lamps used in super bright headlights on luxury cars. There are eight flash lamps located in the uniquely designed reflection housing inside the continuous feed printer.

"Think of the instant pulse of heat you would feel if you were to hold your hand in front of a flash camera," said Peter Crean, Xerox Fellow. "Now imagine thousands of those firing at high speed. In fact, the lamps that line up along the paper path inside the machine pulse light sequentially 120,000 times per minute, exposing and fusing the toner to the paper as it passes by at 226 feet per minute."

In order for flash fusing to work, Xerox scientists had to change how cyan, yellow and magenta toners absorb energy from light. To solve this problem, Xerox created colour toners that contain special infrared energy-absorbing material. This allows the individual colour toners to absorb enough energy so that each fuses as fast as the black toner, which absorbs all light. As a result, the toners are laid down in the order of their absorption rate - with the black at the bottom. As each toner is overlaid on the preceding toners, the energy builds with each flash providing just the right amount of light to fuse each colour perfectly.

The new flash-fusing approach also provides dramatic improvements in reliability and quality. Because only the toner -- not the entire paper -- is heated, moisture is maintained in the paper, minimizing stock shrinkage, paper curl and static electricity. This also improves front-to-back registration -- a challenge when duplex printing at high speeds -- and results in high productivity and reliability because the paper feeds dependably during the printing and finishing processes.

Flash fusing is the technological cornerstone of the Xerox 490/980 Colour Continuous Feed printer, the fastest, full-colour toner-based continuous feed device of its kind as well as the newly announced 650/1300 Monochrome Continuous Feed printer and the 495 Monochrome Duplex Continuous Feed printer.

Video Webcast
Click here for a sneak peek of Xerox's latest continuous feed printer and learn how flash fusing enables reliable high quality color continuous feed printing at the speed of black and white. See just how flash fusing technology is breaking the color speed barrier for continuous feed printing and how it compares to traditional heat roller pressure toner fusing.

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