TORONTO, ON - Xerox Canada and five business partners are rolling out new software that give users of Xerox office multifunction systems greater customization, added workflow capabilities, and enhanced security.

In addition to Xerox, Equitrac Corp., Nuance Communications Inc., Omtool Ltd., Streem Communications LLC, and X-Solutions are announcing new versions of their popular workflow applications that do everything from track how many pages are being printed on an MFP, to error-free document routing.

The Xerox and partner offerings were unveiled at AIIM/On Demand, a major conference and exhibition for the document imaging industry, and all are enabled with Xerox's Extensible Interface Platform (EIP). Released in October 2006, EIP enables developers to build applications that simplify office work processes, such as accessing common business forms, printing on-demand, and much more - all from the convenience of the Xerox MFP touch-screen display.

"Customers are no longer looking for a box that simply prints, faxes, scans and copies - they want a system that can improve their work processes and deliver a competitive advantage," said Brian Bissett, international consultant and editor of The MFP Report. "This new realm of solutions enabled by Xerox's Extensible Interface Platform is critical to capturing share in the MFP market."

EIP is based on standard Web tools for quick development and building connections to the Internet. One new application developed by Xerox gives people access to MapQuest at the MFP. Users can find and print directions directly from the touch screen instead of going to their PC first, and then to the printer. Another application allows people with a subscription to the New York Times to receive daily feeds right at the MFP where they can easily be printed. Both applications are available now for free download at

In addition to these applications, Xerox announced the Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System™ and SmartSend Pro, enabled by Xerox EIP.

Ideal for organizations that need to protect sensitive records, such as health-care companies, financial services firms, and educational institutions, the Secure Access Unified ID System allows users access to Xerox MFPs only after swiping or waving their ID card in front of a card reader on the MFP. For added security, a PIN or password can be built into the software, which integrates with a customers' existing badge ID system.

A key feature of Secure Access Unified ID is Follow-You™ print that lets users securely print to the most convenient Secure Access-equipped MFP on the network. Users simply print the document to a secure print queue, and then walk to any Secure Access-equipped MFP. With the simple wave of their ID card, the MFP prints the document. No longer does sensitive information sit in the MFP tray, waiting for the rightful owner to collect it.

With the addition of EIP, Secure Access users can also select multiple prints, delete the print, or securely store it to print later, all from the MFP touch screen.

SMARTsend™ Pro, enabled by Xerox EIP, is an update to Xerox's scanning software that lets users scan hard copy documents to email addresses, repositories, FTP folders, network folders, web URLs, or remote printers. The new version allows users to preview newly scanned documents from the MFP's display for accuracy, and then store them in Xerox DocuShare, Microsoft Corp. SharePoint, and Windows folders. People can then use the MFP's touch-screen to browse for and print those documents.

"Our customers want simple applications that make work easier and help reduce the time and money spent handling documents," said Roger Ellefson, manager of Solutions Marketing, Xerox Office Group. "EIP-enabled applications allow customers to adapt the MFP to fit the way they work. By customizing the system so that users only see the buttons they need, document management becomes faster, easier and more accurate."

In conjunction with the new EIP enabled applications, Xerox also announced an expanded developers program as part of the Xerox Business Partner Program. The new program gives developers free access to EIP software development kits to create applications. With a quick member application and basic contract, developers can also take advantage of Xerox technical, sales and training support offerings.

Business Partner Applications

The following applications, the first third-party programs developed with EIP, were disclosed at AIIM and are available in Canada:

  • Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express software from Equitrac helps offices track, measure and control how many pages are printed, copied or scanned by individual people or departments. This capability is particularly important for offices subject to regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.
  • Scan to PC Desktop EIP Edition, from Nuance, enables office workers to scan documents directly into their existing desktop folders, reducing the steps needed to scan and save information. This effectively turns the MFP into the user's own personal document management system.
  • AccuRoute scanning and routing software from Omtool, can now be accessed directly from the Xerox MFP touch screen. AccuRoute then helps workers send documents using personal or corporate document routing rules. As a result, the time to capture, process and distribute documents to one or multiple destinations simultaneously is greatly reduced.
  • ScanFlowStore with Interactive Client from X-Solutions is scanning software for small and medium-sized businesses that aims to provide error-free document routing. Traditionally, scanned documents must be manually named and distributed, which is a tedious and error prone process. With Interactive Client users select a file name and destination from easy-to-use pre-programmed tabs found on the MFP's touch screen, reducing distribution errors and simplifying document processes.
Pricing & Availability

List prices for Xerox Secure Access start at $1,055, available immediately in North America and Europe and will be available in other major markets beginning May 15. SMARTsend Pro, enabled by Xerox EIP is available immediately worldwide. List prices start at $6,864. Current SMARTsend Pro users can download the new features free from Both Secure Access and SMARTsend Pro are sold in North America through direct sales, authorized agents, and Xerox TeleWeb. Xerox's Extensible Interface Platform is available on the Xerox WorkCentre 200 Series Departmental monochrome multifunction series and the WorkCentre 7300 series. It will also be made available on future WorkCentre color and black-and-white MFPs.

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