TORONTO, ON – As part of its long-standing commitment to preserve biodiversity through responsible forest management and to provide customers with "greener" paper choices, Xerox Canada, in tandem with Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX), earned "chain of custody" certification from both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. These certifications confirm that Xerox paper products carrying the FSC or PEFC logo have been manufactured using raw materials harvested from certified sources, controlled wood sources or post-consumer reclaimed sources. FSC- and PEFC-certified products can be tracked from harvest through distribution.

Both FSC and PEFC are independent, non-profit organizations that support sustainable forestry through rigorous forest management standards and chain-of-production monitoring.

Xerox covers the greatest geographic area of any certified paper supplier, with nearly 80 FSC and PEFC accredited distribution centers across 17 countries, and is among the first companies to achieve certification based on the FSC’s new international multi-site standards.

"As one of the largest global suppliers of cut-sheet paper, we are pleased to offer our customers the assurance of the highest environmental standards that these certifications provide,” said Steve Simpson, vice president and general manager, Xerox Paper and Supplies Business Unit. "Xerox’s sustainability efforts are driven by a commitment to leadership through environmental practices, product innovation and stringent standards, as underscored by our efforts to obtain certification from two of the most highly respected forest certification organizations. Our customers expect nothing less."

The chain-of-custody certifications will help Xerox’s customers, including print providers, meet the increasing demand for environmentally-certified papers. While any end-customer may use certified paper products, commercial printers whose clients seek FSC or PEFC endorsed publications must also obtain chain-of-custody certification through an accredited certification body.

Sustainable leadership

Xerox participated in an FSC pilot program that evaluated the company’s processes using the new international multi-site standards, becoming one of the first companies to achieve certification based on the criteria.

FSC multi-site certification enables Xerox to track, monitor and enforce global chain-of-custody management procedures from one central office location, as opposed to a separate office in each country. All participating suppliers in the manufacturing process are managed by a common database system to guarantee that Xerox’s FSC-labeled products throughout the world contain raw materials solely from certified sources.

"FSC applauds Xerox’s commitment to responsible purchasing based on FSC certification. Well-known companies such as Xerox carry a good deal of power and responsibility to lead positive change," said Heiko Liedeker, executive director, FSC International. "We are confident that with the new FSC multi-site standard, an increasing number of multinational companies will choose to become FSC certified in the near future."

Xerox will launch its first certified products in early 2008. Certified products will be distinguished with the FSC or PEFC logo and a certificate number on the paper carton. Xerox’s chain-of-custody certifications were awarded by the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit conservation organization that is the world’s leading FSC certifier of forestlands, in collaboration with PEFC certifiers NEPCon and BMG Trada Certifiering.

"The scale of Xerox’s commitment to FSC certification shows how large corporations are making a serious commitment to greening their supply chains," said Tensie Whelan, executive director of the Rainforest Alliance. "Supporting FSC certification helps ensure the conservation of the world’s working forests for generations to come."

Environmental stewardship a familiar concept

In 2003, Xerox implemented stringent environmental requirements for suppliers that cover all aspects of papermaking, from forest management to the production of finished goods. In 2006, Xerox pledged $1 million to The Nature Conservancy to advance sustainable forestry practices with the objective of developing science-based tools, practices and systems that the paper industry can draw upon to better understand and manage ecologically important forest land. Xerox also offers a range of recycled paper options, as well as High Yield Business Paper, a first-of-its-kind mechanical fiber paper for digital printing that uses half as many trees as the traditional digital paper production process.

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