TORONTO, ON – The University of Calgary has signed a $40 million, seven-year agreement with Xerox Canada to revamp nearly every device, system, or process relating to the creation, delivery, storage, and sharing of documents across the university. Initial benefits of the deal include consistent, affordable, and reliable campus-wide printing and document management facilities, accessed via a single swipe of a student or faculty ID card.

“This university partnership is the first of its kind in Canada, and we chose Xerox because of its leadership and ability to serve as one provider for managing both the U of C’s information and technology needs,” said Harold Esche, chief information officer, University of Calgary. “Making us a leader in document and information management will save us approximately $13.8 million over the length of the partnership, deliver revenue to the university’s bottom line, and give staff and students alike a superior academic experience.”

The contract involves virtually all aspects of document and records management, including printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and electronic storage and retrieval. It will help staff, students, and faculty to research, teach, and learn more effectively through efficient use of technology. For example, students and faculty will have better printing services, more access to those printing services, and the flexibility to print from laptop or home computers.

As part of the agreement, Xerox will manage all print, fax, copy, and scan devices as well as associated contracts with other suppliers to reduce the administrative burden on university staff. Xerox will also guide the university as it develops a strategic electronic information management system, a crucial area for the growing university. The system will enhance the university’s ability to manage documents in electronic format, improving accessibility on and off campus and ultimately reducing the need to print documents. The new information and technology management system will also deliver better brand management through centralized graphic design and a profitable return on the school’s overall investment.

“From student essays to faculty research papers, our commitment to the university will make it possible to share any idea that is documented both easily and affordably,” said Mel Thompson, vice president, Xerox Global Services, Xerox Canada. “Our partnership is also aimed at enabling students to focus on their studies while assisting faculty in teaching students and making it easier to collaborate with their colleagues in research, which is what smarter document management is really all about.”

The University of Calgary has nearly 28,000 full time students and more than 2,500 faculty and staff – making it Calgary’s fourth largest employer. Other features of the contract that will benefit the school’s students, faculty, and staff include:

  • Increased student access to electronic equipment, digital information, and university resources.
  • Consolidated and coordinated supplies management.
  • Creation and standardization of forms.
  • On-site and remote graphic and Web design.
  • Multimedia printing and delivery services.
  • Virtual archives and records access.

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