TORONTO, ON – Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) unveiled four software solutions that work with Xerox multifunction systems to help offices work smarter and more effectively manage their day-to-day office document processes.

Two new scanning programs – Xerox FreeFlow SMARTsend 2.0 and ScanFlowStore, software from Xerox Business Partner X-Solutions, – allow workers to quickly and easily capture, share and store documents. Equitrac Express 4 and Equitrac Office 4 help offices monitor, track and charge back document costs to specific departments or clients.

“An effective document management strategy encompasses both paper and electronic documents,” said Tim Williams, president, Xerox Office Group. “These software solutions transform Xerox multifunction systems into on-ramps to productivity – streamlining processes, monitoring document output and creating new revenue streams.”

FreeFlow SMARTsend 2.0

Xerox’s FreeFlow SMARTsend software enables office workers to use Xerox multifunction systems – which scan, print, fax and copy – to capture paper documents and send them to multiple destinations with a single scan. For example, SMARTsend can send a 50-page hardcopy document to various destinations such as e-mail, a network folder and a document management system in one simple step, saving time and postage costs.

The new version, SMARTsend 2.0, offers several improvements:

  • Document Capture – Using the “Scan to Home” feature, customers can capture documents more efficiently. Administrators can assign each office worker a “home” destination such as an e-mail address or network folder. When people select “Scan to Home,” their document is scanned and routed to their pre-assigned destination, eliminating steps and saving time.
  • Integration – SMARTsend 2.0 enables users to connect to a wider range of document management systems and software, including Documentum, Hummingbird DM5, Interwoven Worksite, Microsoft SharePoint 2003 and OpenText LiveLink. This makes it easier to integrate the software with customers’ existing technology infrastructures.
  • Security – SMARTsend 2.0 is easy to deploy, manage and use. It can be managed by the system administrator or by office workers directly. Additional security enhancements, including end-to-end encrypted scanning with secure protocols (HTTPS), help offices ensure that the information being sent through SMARTsend is protected. Xerox provides the most comprehensive set of security features to protect information at the device and as it travels across the network.
SMARTsend 2.0 is available in two versions, SMARTsend and SMARTsend Professional. The Professional version adds optical character recognition to convert documents, digitally archive information and to provide compatibility with Internet fax. It also allows office workers to set up a workflow at the desktop and create a PaperWare cover sheet, which contains routing instructions for scanned documents.

People can also scan several different jobs such as invoices, purchase orders or other business materials at one time and route them to different destinations by including PaperWare cover sheets between each set of documents.


Two new software programs from Equitrac Corporation, a Xerox Business Partner, are aimed at helping schools and offices track and measure how many colour and black-and-white pages are printed, copied or scanned by individual people or departments. Equitrac Express 4 for colleges, universities and school districts and Equitrac Office 4 for businesses, also allow administrators to charge individual departments or clients for prints, copies, scans and faxes.

These software solutions enable administrators to set the network to dynamically route jobs to the most appropriate devices. For example, big print jobs can automatically be sent to the company’s fastest multifunction printer; and if one system is out of paper, a job would be immediately rerouted to another device. Enhanced Follow-You™ printing capabilities allow users to retrieve jobs from any printer regardless of original destination. When combined with Xerox multifunction systems, the Equitrac software can also capture pertinent job accounting information directly from the user interface. These features help organizations increase job efficiency, ensure responsible use of colour capabilities, as well as reduce and recover overall document costs.

Price and Availability

List prices for Xerox SMARTsend begin at $1,884, Xerox SMARTsend Professional at $6,864, and ScanFlowStore at $1,679. These scanning solutions are available immediately. Equitrac Express 4 retails for $3,999 and Equitrac Office 4 for $3,399; both will ship June 15. All four software solutions are sold in North America through the Xerox direct sales force and authorized agents.


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