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Enterprise content management (ECM) used to make sense only for large companies with the size and budgets to make the conversion to digital worthwhile. Now, with the introduction of Xerox DocuShare® Flex, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and company departments can digitize processes like invoicing, sharing files, editing, managing databases and storing documents, just like large companies do. 

SMBs tend to rely on inefficient paper-based systems and often lack centralized storage of digital information. According to respondents to a 2016 Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) survey, poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62 percent), duplicated efforts (52 percent) and insufficient re-use (46 percent)1.

The new DocuShare Flex platform is cloud based and provides the automation, security and scalability of large-scale ECM systems in an affordable package that’s easy to configure and use without IT support.

DocuShare Flex systems will save SMBs hours, days or weeks. Users can complete a range of document-intensive tasks such as:

  • Routing documents automatically to facilitate approval processes and version control;

  • Automating necessary documentation for ease of compliance with government and industry mandates;

  • Simplifying management of the multitude of documents required for transactions, accounting, billing and other document-intensive operations.

“We developed DocuShare Flex from the ground up to be the ECM solution of choice for SMBs and company departments,” said Wasim A. Khan, head of Xerox global workflow automation. “DocuShare Flex will enable users to be more responsive by enabling them to find information quickly and easily, more secure by better controlling access to sensitive documents, and more productive by automating key business processes.”

Easy to Use, Agile, Low Cost

DocuShare Flex can store and manage a wide range of document types and content. It has a scalable storage capacity of hundreds of millions of documents. Managing documents from creation through archiving and eventual disposal is provided out of the box.

DocuShare Flex customers can add capacity and users incrementally to further control costs. The number of users can range from a minimum of five people up to thousands. It has advanced review-process controls that enable annotation, redaction and simultaneous viewing while controlling versions to keep documents current.

Automating Workflows

DocuShare Flex can automate a range of business processes including storing all project documents in one place, managing review cycles, and meeting potential audit requirements. It can also enforce compliance with best practices since management can observe work status.

DocuShare Flex is designed for non-technical staff with an intuitive search engine and a user interface (UI) that requires little training. The UI is Web-based and will run on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

The platform can work with back-end company systems to pull data and link to documents. It’s compatible with Xerox ConnectKey® multifunction devices and associated apps for developing specific time-saving workflows, and includes a ConnectKey-based scanning service for scanning directly to DocuShare Flex.

The new DocuShare Flex platform augments the Xerox DocuShare portfolio, including Xerox DocuShare 7, which was recently named as a “Leader” in ECM software by G2 Crowd, and as the 2017 Pick award as Outstanding Document Management Solution by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI).


DocuShare Flex is now available in North America. It will be available in Europe and other select regions by May 31, in Canada in June, and in Asia Pacific by the end of August.

DocuShare Flex is designed for efficient selling and rapid deployment by Xerox and its channel partners. Distribution is available via a network of agents, dealers, concessionaires and resellers, as well as through the Xerox direct sales force.

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1AIIM: Information Management – State of the Industry 2016, 2016.