Security breaches are a serious matter for entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. They cost money, worry customers, damage reputations, and create legal strife.
Printed materials are not immune to data predators. But you can overcome security gaps and protect your printed documents by investing in office products that offer effective, end-to-end security features that comply with the latest security standards.
Here are three things your office equipment should do:
1. Prevent unauthorized access
Look for a product where users can restrict access to documents by validating usernames and passwords. An Audit Log feature allows administrators to monitor queued jobs, and Secure Print prevents a stranger from accidentally picking up confidential documents. 
2. Protect your data
Throughout the printing process internal addressing protocol and encryption ensures data is securely connected and protected. Once documents have been retrieved, a unique Image Overwrite feature can electronically “shred” data stored on the hard drive of the device, while a proactive response system identifies potential vulnerabilities and provides immediate updates.
3. Deliver on security claims
Check out products that have achieved Common Criteria Certification, an internationally recognized designation certifying the security claims of information technology products and systems.
From the moment you send your job to the printer, to when you hold the document in your hands - new printer security features will ease worries by providing total security.
Not sure where to start?
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