TORONTO, ON, June 13, 2012 – When one of Canada’s leading integrated fulfillment and document management companies acquired the Xerox iGen4® EXP Digital Press, its director of print services watched jobs that took eight hours drop to three.
The productivity increases mean Distributech Inc. sees higher profits and is able to offer more competitive pricing.
“The  day-to-day productivity increases we’ve seen are phenomenal,” said Mike Lestage, director of Print Services, Distributech Inc. “On top of that, we’ve improved overall image quality, expanded our printable image size and decreased our colour variance to 1.6 delta compared to the output of our old digital press.”
Working with Xerox Canada, Distributech wanted to address productivity challenges related to PDF print file processing times, printable image size and quality and ink drying time. By acquiring the Xerox iGen4 EXP Digital Press, the firm has turned these challenges into opportunity.
“Printing a higher volume of jobs and accommodating requests for the larger 26 inch sheet size – which reduces the amount of print jobs outsourced – is unquestionably improving our bottom line,” Lestage said.
The Xerox iGen4 EXP Digital Press gives print providers today the opportunity to expand their business opportunities by taking advantage of features such as:
   -  An automated Web-to-Finish solution which provides a touchless workflow, from web-based ordering to prepress to printing to finishing with no manual setup or intervention;
   -  A 26 inch (660 mm) sheet kit which expands the applications printers can offer clients and the profits they can earn;
   -  More print jobs per sheet – up to 12 postcards or 48 business cards per 26 inch sheet (full bleed);
   -  More print jobs per shift – large sheet productivity technology delivers forty 26 inch sheets per minute or sixty 11”x17"  sheets per minute, the equivalent of 120 A4 pages per minute (ppm);
   -  An Adobe PDF print engine which boosts productivity by ensuring PDFs are accurately processed on the first pass; and,
   -  Matte dry ink which expands the power of iGen4 EXP to produce a smooth matte look and feel for photo printing.