MISSISSAUGA, ON, April 7, 2011 -- The Xerox Research Centre Canada (XRCC) this week marked its 1,500th patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This milestone comes just five years after registering its 1,000th patent.
The 120 scientists at XRCC registered 140 patents in 2010 -- up from 111 in 2009 and nearly double the yearly average for previous years -- highlighting the accelerated pace of innovation at the Mississauga-based centre.
“Reaching our 1,500th patent is an excellent indication of the passion and proficiency with which our researchers work,” says Hadi Mahabadi, vice president and director of XRCC. ” This milestone signifies not only the growth and advancement of the research centre, but also the creative and inventive spirit that characterize our diverse staff of scientists.”
The effectiveness of XRCC research and development has attracted the interest of the Canadian federal and provincial governments and the global research community. Many of these inventions cover materials and processes for toners, inks, photoreceptors, fusers and specialty media that have been commercialized in Xerox products over the past almost four decades. These supplies and consumables continue to contribute in a significant way to Xerox’s revenue and profits.
U.S. Patent 7,875,411 – XRCC’s 1,500th patent is part of the patent portfolio that covers long life photoreceptor technologies, a key area for increasing the sustainability attributes of Xerox’s laser printers and related products. The Xerox Research Centre Canada is responsible for developing the armour technology that almost doubles the life of photoreceptors - multi-layer thin film devices that convert light into electrostatic images.
“This technology has enabled a 30 percent reduction in waste, less down time and disruption to work flow, improved productivity, and fewer service calls,” says Yonn Rasmussen, vice president of the Xerographic Component Systems Group.
XRCC is one of four research and technology centres Xerox Corporation operates in the United States, Canada, and Europe that conduct work in disciplines connected to Xerox's expertise in services, printing and document management.