MISSISSAUGA, ON., May 7, 2012 – The Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) is the recipient of the Chemical Institute of Canada’s (CIC) 2012, Ontario Green Chemistry and Engineering Award (Organization). The Ontario Ministry of Environment sponsors the Award.

Each year the CIC’s Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Network recognizes one organization (not-for-profit or profit) which is based in or has significant investment in Ontario, and which has made significant contributions to the field of green chemistry and engineering, including the technical, economic, human health and environmental benefits.
“Green chemistry and engineering is a critical part of our materials design process,” said Paul Smith, Vice President, Xerox Research Centre of Canada. “Our goal is to fully incorporate it in our everyday designs and processes so that we can continue to deliver value to our customers through the incorporation of increased sustainability in our materials and engineering.  As chemists and engineers, we have a great opportunity to impact the world in a positive way – this is something we take very seriously at XRCC.”
“Xerox has consistently demonstrated a commitment to use the principles of Green Chemistry and Engineering in their business,” said Bernard West, Chair of the Canadian Green Chemistry and Engineering Network. “They have shown leadership in this area and deserve the recognition of this award.”
Founded in 1974, the XRCC is Xerox’s global materials research centre and plays a major role in enhancing the company’s global efforts to reduce environmental impacts for both Xerox and its customers. Over the years, the XRCC has focused its green and sustainability efforts in several Research & Development areas, which have helped to reduce energy consumption and waste in consumables manufacturing and printing. Three of the XRCC’s groundbreaking green innovations that have already been brought to market include Emulsion Aggregation Toner, long-life photoreceptors and cartridge free solid ink for full-scale multifunction devices.
XRCC is one of four research and technology centres Xerox Corporation operates in the United States, Canada, and Europe that conduct work in disciplines connected to Xerox's expertise in services, printing and document management.